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PAGE NUMBERING - MS Word 2010 Tutorial

Author: Navin Kumar

Most documents, if not all, require the pages to be numbered. Microsoft Word provides page numbering functionality through a number of pre-formatted page numbering styles that impart a professional look to the document.

Page numbers are generally inserted either in the header or the footer of document pages.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to insert page numbers in MS Word documents.


Download and open the practice document “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” from the About Tutorials page. In this document:
  1. Insert page numbers in the centre of the footer in the format “page x of y”,
  2. Remove page numbering from the document,
  3. Insert page numbers in the left and right margins of the document.
Step-by-step Instructions

Task-1: Inserting Page Numbers in the Footer
Page Numbering Menu of MS Word 2010
Figure 1
  1. Click ‘Insert’ tab on the Ribbon.
  2. Click the ‘Page Number’ button in the ‘Header & Footer’ group. A drop-down menu will open showing options for page number position on document pages together with some other options.
  3. Choose the ‘Bottom of Page’ option. A side menu showing a gallery of various bottom page numbering styles will open (see Figure 1).
  4. Scroll down to the ‘Page X of Y’ section and select the centre numbering style. Notice that the ‘Header & Footer Tools Design’ tab has appeared next to the ‘View’ tab (see Figure 2).
  5. Click ‘Close Header & Footer’ button on ‘Header & Footer Tools Design’ tab. The ‘Header & Footer Tools Design’ tab will disappear and you will see that MS Word has inserted page numbers in ‘Page X of Y’ format at the bottom of each page.
Header and Footer Tools Design Tab of MS Word
Figure 2

  • You can place the page number in the header by choosing ‘Top of Page” option in step 3 and following the subsequent steps as above.
  • Scroll through the list of page numbering styles in the side menu that appears after you complete step 3. MS Word offers a large number of page numbering styles and you can use the style that suits your requirement.
  • After inserting page numbers, if you wish to change the page numbering style without changing the page number position, just repeat steps 1-3, choose the new numbering style you desire and repeat steps 4-5. The new page numbering style will replace the previous one.
  • If you wish to change both the page number position and the numbering style, first remove the earlier page numbering (see instructions for Task-2 below) and then insert new page numbering following instructions for Task-1 above. 
Task-2: Removing Page Numbering
  1. Click ‘Insert’ tab > ‘Page Number’.
  2. Choose ‘Remove Page Numbers’ from the drop-down menu. MS Word will remove the page numbering from the document.
Task-3: Inserting Page Numbers in the Margins
  1. Click ‘Insert’ tab > ‘Page Number’ > ‘Page Margins’. A side menu will open displaying a gallery of Page Margin Numbering styles.
  2. Select the numbering style of your choice and double click the document to close the ‘Header & Footer Tools Design’ tab. You will notice that MS Word has placed page numbers in the margins.
  • Page numbers are inserted by clicking ‘Insert’ tab > ‘Page Number’ and selecting the numbering position from the drop-down menu and the numbering style from side menu.
  • Page numbers are removed by clicking ‘Insert’ tab > ‘Page Number’ > ‘Remove Page Numbers’
To view a downloadable version of this tutorial, go to the MS Word 2010 Tutorials page 
and click the link [W] against this tutorial.

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